Our assignments

National Construction Company Managing Director The recession has led to companies reducing junior level entrant, this combined with an aging workforce has created a reduced pool of candidates to recruit. BECS expanded our pool for volume recruitment by providing suitable candidates from the whole of Europe

SME Engineering Company When an OEM moved into our area we had both an issue with staff leaving for higher pay and a reduced local talent pool. As a small company we don’t have a dedicated HR person and the staff loss impacted on business. A consultant worked with us to swiftly replace a member of our design team and three of our shop floor workers. With guidance we also put an apprenticeship programme in place to develop our own talent.

International Mining Simply, we provided a timeframe to four agencies to get us a mining engineer and electro-mechanical fitters with crusher and plant experience. Suitable candidates were provided by BECS first, since then we have used the agency to recruit plant operatives.

Fa├žade Design company BECS has recruited for us both at graduate level and senior level for our business in the south and north of England. We selected from four candidates for each post, happy with the service especially in what is a niche competitive market for staffing.