Our recruitment

Our recruitment methods and practices throughout the recruitment process, aim to optimise each stage for conversion and cost efficiency.

To enable us to provide a concise search we analyse your requirements through a review of the job description and discussions with personnel connected to the vacancy. This initial work helps us to differentiate candidates, we only refer those that will be able to perform roles the candidate will fill, match skill sets needed, have the right personality attributes for task completion and the right level of experience.

We source applicants from a wide pool using a variety of methods, including: our candidate database, sector specialist referrals, professional network site searches, university milk round and advertising.

BECS completes shortlisting by evaluating applicant letters and CVs looking at the quality of the applications and assessing what level/grade the candidate is operating at, ranking and recording them accordingly. Shortlisted candidates are reference checked and interviewed one-to-one before referring candidates and finally agreeing suitable interview times with your company. You inform us of successful candidates and make a formal job offer direct.