BECS selects candidates through professional network searches, sector specialist referrals and university milk rounds and applicant responses to our job adverts. Our services are assignment based, companies engage with BECS to reduce their search and selection time.

‘We solely charge the company not the candidate and selected candidates are only put forward for vacancies at companies that have engaged BECS services’.

We simply require you to engage with BECS by registering your details with us and uploading your CV. By doing so you agree to allow BECS to use and share the information with BECS client companies looking to fill a vacancy.

We complete shortlisting by evaluating your CV looking at the quality of the applications and assessing what level/grade you are operating at, ranking and recording them with other candidate applications. Shortlisted candidates are reference checked and interviewed one-to-one by BECS before any referral is made for interview to one of our client companies. BECS manage all interview times and may call you after the interview for feedback.

You will be informed before any interview, with a BECS client company, if a criminal record check, medical check or psychometric test is required.

If you are successful the client company will make you an offer of direct employment. We only ask that you inform BECS of any job offer from a BECS client company that you have been referred to.