Business Continuity and Emergency Response

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FMCG: BECS can provide a Senior Commercial Safety and Security-Investigative Consultant who will conduct bespoke overt or covert operations to expose inherent theft and fraud within your operation. Dealing with every aspect of crime faced by both National and Multinational organisations, our consultants’ skill-set will ensure supply chain integrity and staff safety whilst eradicating the aforementioned crime.

UK SME and global ‘blue chip’ organisations - our consultant simultaneously provided supplementary commercial corporate risk assessment, DR, business continuity plans (BCP) all with comprehensive results which addressed these issues at source and provided the organisations concerned with substantial cost and insurance savings. BCP plans were utilised immediately by one such company when an item had to be withdrawn from the supply chain due to contamination.

Government & NGO EMEA: BECS dedicated Senior Government Liaison Officer can work directly with Government or NGOs to adopt the voluntary principles on security and human rights (VPSHR) and also to ensure conformity to new H&S and Environmental regulation just introduced to all UK based NGOs in Africa.   Our consultant recently assisted the British Government via the Ministerio de Justica Mozambique to secure a positive response to that Country adopting these precepts.   The consultant also has experience of facilitating a number of Pandemic Flu-Ebola workshops in Africa to help demystify the subject and assist attendees to make appropriate plans.

KR&E: BECS Control Risk Group (CRG) Trained Security Safety Consultant will provide your staffs with a bespoke Corporate Kidnap, Rescue and Extortion presentation to ensure the safety and security of your senior management teams and all staffs. In addition, we provide complete in-house analysis and assist in implementation of a country-company evacuation plan (CEP).  We have experience of carrying out work of this nature in Hong Kong and the Middle East for several ‘blue chip’ organisations

Security: Our Senior Commercial Safety and Security-Investigative Consultant has experience of co-ordinating multiple security project management (PM) construction operations from inception through to completion.

US DOD multiple locations Asia- $6m projects incorporating RFP, CDM, BMS, HVAC, Advanced Security, Fire, H&S and Integrated Access Control systems ensure all were delivered to appropriate and contractually agreed values including but not limited to BS8418, BS4737, BS5839, ISO9000 and NACOSS standard. 

CT-PAT US Coast Guard International Port Security Programme Mozambique - introduction of comprehensive security and safety systems to enhance port security awarded certificate of excellence.

Oil, Gas, Windfarm, SIMOPS:   BECS Senior Commercial Safety and Security-Investigative Consultant has worked in several of the world’s largest facilities providing operational risk assessment (ORA) for companies’ refinery, tank-farm, port and off-shore operations. 

World’s largest LNG port - as a qualified PSFO our consultant introduced new integrated Access Control, CCTV, PAGA and PABX systems dedicated to the distribution supply chain.  Ensuring that security operations met IMO standards and produced SOPs and ISPS standard documentation for final Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism CT-PAT audit

 World’s largest condensate refinery processing capacity of 146,000 BPSD - companywide BCP and security vulnerability assessment (SVA). Internal and external QMS audits of these operations and Tap-Root investigations into H&S incidents as necessary along with continuous HSE monitoring and environmental advice as necessary was provided to ensure the safety of the sites and all personnel therein.

African oil & gas exploration and production company- production of bespoke business impact analysis, business continuity & country evacuation plans (BIA - BCP & CEP) and EHS emergency spills response plan and the provision of bespoke HAZMAT equipment’s to field- operations     

 Large offshore oilfield operation - developed and implemented a national infrastructure “Live” emergency response exercise involving over 2,000 personnel, emergency response centre, maritime control centre, helicopter and ferry boats to assist with the simulated island evacuations

Heavy Industry:   Africa’s largest aluminium operation-developed and delivered major accident and emergency risk services covering security, crisis & major emergency management, business continuity, KR&E training along with comprehensive training and bespoke exercises on handling the media, relative responders and dealing with the psychological effects of dealing with a major incident.

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