Business Continuity and Emergency Response

Business Continuity / Emergency Response

‘A major unexpected event can cripple any business or country. It happens to the best - when least expected’

BECS service supports companies, NGOs and government organisations with consultation, management and staff development for business continuity and emergency response. We are able to provide intelligent integrated risk management solutions globally across all sectors. Our lead consultant has over twenty years of experience designing an extensive range of products and services to keep people safe and protect the: environment, commercial assets, brand image and reputational integrity.

We provide bespoke resource for compliance to international business continuity standards and incident management, embedding a dedicated consultant into your operation for whatever period necessary.

This culminates in a final bespoke operational exercise to test every aspect of your Management chain procedures, process and policy and provide your staffs with the experience and ability to deal with the reality of an incident in a prompt efficient and timely manner.

‘We have worked with small and large companies identifying their risks and formulating planned responses to ensure preventive and reactive measures are in place to deal with: major oil spills, damage of premises and sites by explosions/ fire/ typhoon/ landslides, theft of confidential information by hackers, terrorist attack/ kidnapping, port facility security and pandemic such as Ebola affecting staff’.

The reduction of risk and compliance to standards such as BS ISO 22301 ( International standard for a business continuity management system) provides valid reassurance for your insurance company, shareholders and customers alike that in the event of a major incident, your essential business operations can and will continue.’

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